What should we wear?

Please dress comfortably and according to the weather, especially for outdoor sessions where we may do some walking.  If a group is taking photos together, it should look as if you all stepped out of the same or similar catalog with complimentary colors and outfits, not matching.  Dress so you feel your best!  


I want to make sure I get good images of my child, should I direct them during the session?

Children vibe off those around them.  It is important to come with a relaxed and happy demeanor and not direct them too much - leave the "work" to me.  I will do my best to have fun together and to get them to giggle and smile, and will ask for help when needed.  Although it may be tempting to call their names and help get them to smile, when doing so children tend to look at you, instead of the camera.  I will do my best to get their attention and bring their smiles out.  Be encouraging and relaxed - they will be great!


Can you photoshop the image for me?

My goal is to provide you with classic, timeless, and true images, memories that you can cherish forever.  Please come at your best.  When editing, I will look for slight blemishes, but do not provide extensive photoshop on each image.  After you are presented with the gallery, if you would like additional work on a photo, I am happy to provide that to you at an additional cost.  We will have a phone or email consultation, discussing any photoshop work requested, and based upon the necessary edits, a quote will be provided to you.


Do you do any session shorter than 20 minutes?  

I take pride in presenting the best photos possible.  The time we spend together during the session, even if only for a "quick shoot", is small compared to the time I will spend selecting and editing images, and creating an online gallery after our session has ended.  I believe in presenting a client with work that we both can be proud of.  I love what I do and take pride in the end result, and your satisfaction. Location, clothing, lighting, mood, and timing are just a few of the many things that come into play in creating great images, therefore, "quick" photo session are not something that are offered.


For information on photographic copyrights, please visit:  PPA.com/Cmark